We are committed to protecting your privacy.

We want to ensure a safe environment for all Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties visitors and service users.

User Information Collection

Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties will always ask for your consent when requesting sensitive information from you. We use technology to track site usage patterns by aggregating the number of visits, visitors, time spent on site, page visited and the web site you came from and exited to. We use "cookies" to store your preferences when using our site. Cookies are stored on your browser and you can usually change or delete them on your browser.

User Information

Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties will only use your personal information for purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. We may use any email address, cell phone number and physical or mailing address provided by you to communicate with you concerning account notices, updates, maintenance alerts, upgrades and new products offered.

Your personal information is used to maintain account records, services plans, resolve service issues, troubleshoot problems, analyze site usage, and to improve our services to better meet our users' needs.

If requested, we must obey information requests from government agencies and regulators, court orders, and other legal and regulatory processes that may involve the disclosure of your personal information.

If part or all of Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties assets are acquired, your personal and account information may be transferred to the acquirer.

Customer Promotions

As a sweepstakes services platform, Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties run Promotions on behalf of our customers. As part of those services, Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties collect personally identifiable information for its customers through the use of Momares, LLC’s and Sweeppea properties proprietary mobile and online technology. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties collect such personally identifiable information from participants for the use of its customers and the operation of the Promotions. Such uses may include, announcement of winners, fulfillment of prizes, and marketing analysis. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties limits access to all personally identifiable information within its organization, and data is not rented, sold or shared outside of the company with the exception of requests from our customers, applicable governmental or legal entities.

Personally identifiable information collected by Momares or sweeppea.com on behalf of a customer belongs solely to the customer. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties may operate a Promotion on behalf of multiple customers. The use of the personally identifiable information by all of the organizations involved will be clearly defined by the customer’s Privacy Policy.

An individual's desire to "opt-out" or "unsubscribe" of receiving marketing messages or other information from a customer will be handled by the customer or by Momares or sweeppea.com in accordance with the customers’ particular Privacy Policy. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties are not responsible for data collected on behalf of its customers when such data is in its customers possession.

Data Security and Protection of Information

In agreement with our internal security policy and the law, Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties will protect any information sent as text messages or for account identification. We will take reasonable actions to guard your personal information.

Updating Your Information

Customers may update account information by logging in to their account and accessing the "my account" section. All users must opt-in to a sweepkey word to participate in promotions. Users can unsubscribe from a sweepkey word at any time and no longer receive any messages from that sweepkey word until they re-subscribe again. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties is not liable for any messages sent by our customers through the use of our services. Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties customers are responsible for acquiring subscription/opt-in to their sweepkey word.

Grievance Management Process

Any grievances regarding any aspects of our service please address them to support@sweeppea.com. We will respond to your message within 3 working days.

You accept and acknowledge that this privacy policy is a requirement for your use of Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties services and you agree to all of the terms and conditions set in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of service use.

Policy Changes and Limits on Our Capabilities

Momares, LLC and Sweeppea properties reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time and at our discretion. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policy for new updates. Any new updates will be published in our privacy policy web page and will be effective upon publishing. As long as you are a customer, you agree and accept any changes to this privacy policy. This privacy policy is subject to and applicable to all privacy laws.

Your privacy is very important to us, but due to the current legal and technical environment, we cannot guarantee that your personally identifiable information will not be revealed to third parties in ways other than those detailed in this privacy policy. Furthermore, we can reveal any information about you to law enforcement, government officials or private entities in our sole discretion if we believe such use or disclosure is required by law or necessary in order to investigate, avoid, or take action regarding suspected illegal activities, fraud, or situations involving potential threats to the safety of any person.

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