Sweepstakes Administration Services

Give us your goals and details and we’ll give you a professional promotion run by a sweepstakes management team with experience in sweepstakes, contests, technology, marketing and compliance.

Ready, Set, Execute

We’ll turn your concept into reality. From conceptual development to technical setup and execution, you can count on us. This includes legal compliance and everything involved in running your sweepstakes without a hitch.

Official Sweepstakes Rules? Of Course. Abbreviated Rules Too

Can’t have an effective promotion without Official Sweepstakes Rules. We’ll draft them for you and offer advice on compliance and sweepstakes laws. Abbreviated Rules are included for your advertising materials as well. Our sweepstakes management team works with lawyers to ensure legal compliance for your industry.

Secure ABC Approvals for Alcohol Sponsors

If you sell an alcohol product, we’ll submit your sweepstakes to state Alcohol Beverage Control boards, where needed, to get your promotion approved.

Official Sweepstakes Rules Page

We’ll create a custom Official Rules page online so your sweepstakes rules are accessible to all interested parties and participants.

Entry Page

Get a customized entry form online to collect entry data like name, email, address and more. The entry page is hosted by Sweeppea, but can be embedded on your website.

Thank You Page (entry confirmation)

After entering, participants will be taken to your customized Thank You page confirming their entry. This page can also be optimized with special offers or calls-to-action from your brand.

Winners List

Don’t worry about written requests for winners’ lists. You’ll get a publicly available web page to host the list of winners for your sweepstakes.

Surety Bonds & State Registrations

Did you know a few states require bonding and registration for certain sweepstakes? If your promotion meets these requirements, we’ll take care of filing, bonding and registering for you to ensure your sweepstakes is compliant.

And the Winner Drawing & Verification is… Drawn & Verified

Once your sweepstakes ends, leave the winner details to us. We’ll randomly draw winner(s) from all eligible entries and verify they’ve followed the Official Rules of your sweepstakes.

Alternate Means of Entry (AMOE)

Does your promotion need an AMOE? We’ll host P.O. Boxes to collect written entries, giving participants an alternate or no-cost method of entry.

Prize Fulfillment

When it comes time to pack and ship winner prizes, we’ll handle it for you. Prize fulfillment fees are based on prize size, weight, quantity and total prizes shipped.

Insured Prizes

Everyone loves giving (and receiving) big cash prizes. With Prize Indemnity Insurance you can offer a substantial cash prize and pay only a portion of the cost. We’ll set it up for you.

Travel Fulfillment

When we said we can handle everything, we meant everything. This includes serving as “travel agents” when the prize is a trip. Count on us for travel coordination, reservations and itinerary management for winners.

Contests and Sweepstakes on Social Media

Today it’s only natural to want to run your promotion on social media. Put our experience to work running your contest or sweepstakes on any social platform. Whether it’s an Instagram or Facebook photo contest, a Pinterest sweepstakes or a campaign on multiple platforms, your promotion will benefit from all of our skills and services. We make the most of each platform (public galleries of submissions for example) to boost the fun factor, while following the guidelines of each social channel.

Running a sweepstakes may seem easy, but...

Knowing how to meet federal and state laws, industry regulations and platform guidelines is not. Don’t put your brand at risk. Get a professionally managed promotion that follows the law and protects your brand. We’ll help ensure your sweepstakes is a success!

Get advice, no strings attached. We this stuff.

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